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Sandwiched between the mighty Arabian sea and the hefty Western Ghats, a world heritage site declared by the UNESCO, is Kerala – a narrow strip of land that for many centuries opened the doors of the Indian landmass to explorers and travelers from all around the world.

Cultural curiosity is in the genes and blood of Keralites. Legends and archaeological evidence indicate that Islam and Christianity may have arrived at the coasts of Kerala soon after the respective times of Prophet Mohammed and Christ. Much before that Kerala had also been the happening place for Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Merchants, tradesmen, mathematicians and scholars from China and Arabia frequented Kerala for centuries on end. The European fleets that anchored at Kerala coasts marked the beginning of the western invasion in India. Political ideologies like communism had also found fertile grounds in Kerala.

Amongst all the cultural and political diversities that are celebrated to great extents in Kerala, what unites the people of Kerala is Malayalam, a language this is currently spoken in over 13 dialects.

Migration became a lifestyle of Keralites over the turn of the twentieth century. Keralites have profusely migrated to the Middle East, Americas, Europe and Australia. Today, Malayalis in Australia is one of the fastest growing communities of Australia according to the recent census.

Malayali Association of Queensland (MAQ) is a voluntary organization that brings together people of the south Indian state of Kerala who speak the language Malayalam and lives in Queensland, Australia. The organization celebrates the art, religion, sports and cultural diversity of the people of Kerala who are united through the language we speak. The association is founded on the core principle that celebration of diversity provides an opportunity for communities to unite and develop a deeper understanding of the traditions and cultural heritage of people from all parts of the world.

We regularly organize cultural celebrations, coinciding with traditional festivals that occur in abundance in Kerala, and contribute to the rich multicultural heritage of Queensland. The association also proactively contributes to the sporting community of Queensland by organizing various tournaments and sporting events throughout the year that are proudly supported by local and state Governments of Queensland.

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